Pictou Harbour - PYC

(Not for Navigation)

Pictou harbour is relatively easy to access, but make sure you honour the navigation buoys along the way, as there are many obstructions (Middle Shoals, Gull Rock, Skinner's Reef, MacDonald's Reef and others) awaiting prey along the Caribou shore. If your approach is from the north or west, continue in a south-easterly direction keeping Pictou Island on your port bow. Stay clear of Gull Rock buoy SP2 approximately 0.7 mile NNE of Gull Rock, Caribou Island is on your starboard side. The ferry entrance to Caribou Harbour starts here, Northumberland Ferries Ltd., operates a ferry service (yellow line on chart) from Caribou, Nova Scotia to Wood Island's P.E.I. Although the ferry captains and crews are always courteous and eager to be of assistance, yachters are cautioned that the ferries have the "right-of-way".

Navigation in and out of Caribou Harbour is very challenging due to continuing silting, the ferries have a limited margin of error, and you are in their territory, do not get in their way!

After rounding SP4, the white flashing MO(A) red and white Pictou Fairway buoy "SJ" (45 42'02.5"N, 62 36'45"W) will be visible on your starboard bow and you will have cleared all of the shoals along the Caribou shore.

It should be noted that vessels approaching Pictou from the north-east will also be converging on this buoy, as this marks the start of what is known as "Pictou Road". From this location the leading range lights are clearly visible, proceed at 271 degrees m. Round the light at the end of Pictou Bar Spit 45 41'N 62 40'W to port. Align the secondary range, and continue on a course of 262 degrees. Just ahead, off your starboard bow, is the Town of Pictou. The most conspicuous structure is the brick Roman Catholic Church with its prominent spire, "Stella Maris".

Further on, the red flashing buoy SJ12 at Campbell Point indicates the entrance to Pictou Marina and the adjacent Stright-MacKay Marine Supply facility. This is also the home base for the Pictou Yacht Club, with a clubhouse containing, shower, bar and galley facilities.

After passing the "Pictou Shipyard" facilities which include a marine railway. floating dry dock, and a 700 foot long "side to" wall at Battery Point, Pictou's several wharves will become evident, these are mostly used for commercial purposes. The last dock is pier "A", home to a new facility with modern floating docks, fresh water, power, showers, and washrooms conveniently located and available to visiting yachters. This is part of a new development plan Pictonians anticipate will be the rejuvenation of their downtown, their waterfront and their community.

(Not for Navigation)