Shediac & Pointe du Chene

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Entrance to Shediac Bay

The coordinates for the Shediac Bay Fairway Buoy marked XN are 46.16.911 N 64.30.097 W

From the Fairway, looking inside the Bay, there are 2 lights houses on your left on Parlee Beach lined up with a Red Flasher . The Red flasher coordinates are 46.15.476 N; 64.30.454 W. Once at this Red Flasher, proceed to your right to another Red Flasher off Shediac Island coordinates are 46.15.400 N; 64.31.452 W. Once at this mark, keep it to your starboard, very shallow waters on the outside of this mark. This is the official channel to get into the bay depending on draft and tides. Most boats with can proceed directly from the Fairway to the Red Flasher off Shediac Island.

From this mark, line up the range lights on the Pte du Chene wharf. There are 2 flashing green and 2 flashing red to guide you through the channel up to the Pte du Chene wharf.

Once you arrive at the Pte du chene whark turn to port and proceed along the breakwater to enter the marina. Keep as close as possible to this break water as the Chene Bank on the port side comes up very quickly. A flashing red indicates the end of this breakwater,turn to starboard to enter the marina.

To get to the Town of Shediac marina, proceed from the Pte du Chene wharf to a flashing Red, XN 34, coordinates 16.14.374 N; 64.32.511 W follow by a flashing green XN 37, coordinates 16.14.051 N; 64.32.699 W. From this mark there are a green and Red flashers indicating the channel to the marina entrance. A flashing red at the entrance to the marina, coordinates 46.13.686 N and 64.32.878 W, turn to port to enter the marina.

(Not for Navigation)