Summerside Harbour - SYC

Summerside Fairway Buoy:
46 19.828N
36 51.312W

(Not for Navigation)

Entering Summerside from the Strait
Seacow Head lighthouse FL(2)12s 88ft vis 12M (46 18'57.5"N, 63 50'38.2"W) is prominent on a high red cliff when approaching Bedeque Bay. If entering from the East, you will see two yellow and white buoys "DC" and "DD"(Qk Fl) situated to the SW of Seacow point, these "Caution" buoys mark a "no anchor zone for large ships" to protect the electrical cable which comes from New Brunswick.

Indian Spit Lighthouse
On your starboard you will pass the "Indian Spit Light" (46 22'47"N 63 49'03"W) at the end of a stone breakwater. This unique structure is topped with a red octagon tower containing the flashing sector light (ISO FL 10s 48ft vis 10M) surrounded by an octagon walk. You are now in Summerside Harbour.

Once Inside Lighthouse Breakwater
On your port side, the city waterfront now becomes clear: the Island Tel microwave tower, the "Town Clock" on top of City Hall, several church spires, two large water towers (one white, one blue) and the large red brick buildings which make up the Water Street "downtown" shopping area. CAUTION do not stray to the north of the channel (on your PORT side) as the flats come dry at low tide, the south side is more forgiving with 15 to 20 feet of water unless you cut too close to Holman's Island. Summerside boasts three modern wharves: "Queens wharf" (an enclosed bull-pen) and "Holman's wharf" are used primarily by the oyster and lobster fishing community; directly ahead, on the green range approach, the Marine Terminal Wharf with the ultra-modern Potato Storage Warehouse/Shipping facility. The entrance to SYC is on your port side just after you pass this large Marine Terminal wharf. Head north with the wharf on your port side and directly ahead of you will be the Spinnaker’s Landing Tourist buildings; you will approach the club breakwater with a light on the end of the breakwater to your starboard side; round this private red light and head east into the marina. There are visitor docks (painted yellow) on the right side of the “A”dock s (straight ahead) and more visitor docks straight up the middle (between “A” & “B” docks) in front of the club.